World Indigenous Peoples Day

Indigenous Men Preparing Official Offering on Day of Pachamama, Cuzco

The United Nations declared today, August 9th, the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. The Region of Cuzco is one of the most indigenous in a country that historically has a strong history of native civilizations and the ongoing struggles of native people.

In 1994 the date of August 9th was chosen by the United Nations General Assembly to every year be a day to celebrate and motivate the greater empowerment of Indigenous peoples everywhere. This effort was part of an indigenous decade, the second of which we are currently living. That decade goes through 2015.

The need for this celebration is great. Everywhere, including Cuzco, indigenous people are among the poorest and the most isolated. They also experience ongoing threats to their land and livelihood. In addition, they face constant pressure on their identities from politically and economically powerful national culture.

This year the theme is “Indigenous Media, Empowering Indigenous Voices”.

Cuzco Eats would like to join the voices recognizing and valuing the indigenous people of the world, of Peru, and especially of Cuzco. This indigenous culture provides the richness and variety of Cuzco and makes it a living culture, rather than a simple museum of past glories.

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