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Why should we eat pork in the New Year?

Pork Roast, Lechon to Celebrate the Day of Leaving and Dead

In many places, the dish to receive the New Year is pork-based. Every year,dishes such as adobo, roast pork, grilled pork, and many other dishes are prepared. Even so, many people prepare it without knowing the meaning since this tradition is passed on from parents to children.

Im many cultures pork has specific meanings, for example in China the pig is the 12th zodiac sign and the meaning attributed to it is luck in money and riches. In Europe the meaning changes. The pig is something magical, that brings luck. In other places it also has the meaning of fertility and abundance.

To receive the new year people are looking for new cábalas, auguries, for luck, for love, for money, for life, etc. Pork is part of these cábalas; it is said to bring wealth and abundance.

Eat pork. Any traditional or simple dish will help and you can put it in the list of your cábalas.

If pork is your choice for your New Year’s Eve dinner, you should know that weeks before the new year, all the markets in the city of Cusco are full of people who make their purchases in order to have their preparations to receive the new year ready.

The places where they sell pork are full and if you do not take the measures in advance you may not be able to obtain it. For these dates the price of pork rises depending on demand so its best to foresee these things to make your purchases in time and enjoy your New Year and the luck it will bring.

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