Water Will Be Celebrated in Cuzco

The Week of Water begins in Cuzco on March 22nd, which is when we celebrate the World Day of Water. That is why the people of Cuzco have already prepared to pay homage and give recognition to the refreshing waters that we have.

There are two kinds of water that we count on in order to live each day: potable water and spring water. These are of the same quality but we only pay for one each month, the potable water. It belongs to a company called Sedapal that is responsible for delivering potable water during the day to every family.

On the other hand, spring water comes free but the only ones who can use it reliably are the people who live in the city’s hills. There at an altitude above the city you will find springs that provide fresh water for these people. People have organized pipes to get it to all the houses that are nearby, but it is only available till midday according to those in charge.

As Cuzco begins its celebration of World Water Day, our national authority for water together with the various municipalities will participate in a parade, a pasacalle as we call it, which will bring a formal start to the festivities. It will take place on the Av. El Sol by the fountain we call Paccha, beginning where the two streams that demarcated traditional, Inca Cuzco come together. From there it will proceed to the Plaza de Armas, the Main Square. That same day there will be an expo-fair, and exposition celebration, in the Regocijo Plaza whose end is to inform and raise awareness among the people of Cuzco about our water.

This will be how the city of Cuzco will carry out its celebration of World Water Day. All of its inhabitants are already preparing to carry out many activities that week.

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