Video of the Ceremony and Offerings to the Pachamama

bells, and Offering to the Pachamama (Luis Echegaray )

On the first day of the month of August many people get up early, straighten up their homes, open their businesses and work early, and prepare to give offerings to the Pachamama, the Lady Earth, in honor of her day.

Before anything else, they place yellow flowers and yellow confetti (mixtura) on the walls’ edges and light incense. They also give drinks to the Lady Earth, all in thanks.

This day, in one of the esplanades by the Cristo Blanco, the large white stature of Christ by Saqsayhuaman, a hole is dug to be able to give the Pachamama all the people’s offerings. The hole is outlined in yellow flowers and in the center you find the k’intus of coca from everyone who came there this day. People give to the earth all their love and warmth in the form of fruit, sweets, cookies, corn, etc.

At midday, the pututos sound, the conch shells, to call the apus and snowy mountains (the earth beings) to come and eat. You can even see eagles on high keeping watch.
Then, all the offerings are burned sp that the air can feel the thanks people have and carry it on.

In this way, from their depths, the desires and gratitude of lots of people are impregnated in the coca leaves given to the Pachamama this day.

In what follows you can see a video in which we put together an overview of what happened this day.

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