Victory and Defeat Keep Championships Central in Cuzco

The city of Cuzco has many tourist attractions. It has wonderful gastronomy for its visitors and locals. Besides that it also likes football fever. Many people in the city are seriously afflicts. Others, who do not practice the sport, still feel a strong connection with the life of the white ball.

Throughout the year various championships are organized in Cuzco’s different districts. The fields where these competitions play themselves out remain marked in memory with the entire affliction, its joys and agonies. In each game and entire life of laughter, sorrows, and pleasures is experienced by each team.

Each team has to come well uniformed, from head to toes. In this way the encounters are more attractive and formal. The people who come to watch take away a good impression.

Santa Rosa is one of the most recognized championships in the city. In it you can see the best teams of city. The directors of each team have the charge of bringing the best amateur players. Others will even contract professional players who otherwise play in the established, professional clubs of our country.

This championship lasts for five months. It begins every October and finishes in February. The first matches are played on Saturdays and Sundays. As the weeks go on, the teams either progress or get eliminated. Finally the games are only played on Sundays until the final. Prizes are awarded to the top four finalists. They are given cups to recognize their victory in the championship.



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Which Way in Santa Rosa (Photo: David Knowlton)
Which Way in Santa Rosa (Photo: David Knowlton)

In the Pachakutec Oval another championship is carried out. It is also one of the most recognized in the city and is organized by the Central Comercial Molino 1, one of the main and most complete markets of the city. Players arrive and fight for victory on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Well-known players also come to participate in this event.

Every day in which a championship is played is a day filled with adrenaline. Those who come to enjoy the game live moments of passion and defeat. If so for them, you can imagine how much more it is so for the players and coaches. Whether they win or lose, they always end the game by sharing beers afterwards.

Through these championships the directors of teams are able to gain recognition for the businesses they represent. Most of the owners of teams are mechanics and taxi drivers. They dedicate time, energy, and money to the sport to get more clients and more recognition. They emblazon the uniforms with the name of their enterprise. In this ways everyone sees it and they gain name recognition.

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