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Turkish Rice Takes Over Cuzco

Homemade Arroz Turko in Cuzco

Turkish rice, arroz turco as it is called, is all a delicious sensation in the magisterial city of Cuzco. Though not included in the list of the typical dishes of Cuzco, nevertheless this dish is conquering us with its surprising and unique taste.

It has a yellow color, though on the plate you can see a mixture of colors that are surprising. You just have to try a spoonful of this extraordinary combination and you will have to eat at least two plates-full to be satisfied.

Surprisingly, the dish is easy to prepare. You just need some rice and some fine spaghetti and a seasoning mix we call sibarita. You first fry up the noodle until they are a solid mid-brown and then cook them with the rice and the sibarita. This combination of flavors is what turns it yellow when you cook them up together.

You also need to prepare some fried potatoes in small, regular lengths and then they are mixed in with the rice mixture. Then you also add to the preparation hot dogs that are sliced into small lengths and fried. You add sliced avocado at the end to decorate the dish with a bit of salad (sliced tomatoes and onions) on top.

Nowadays, every time there is some sort of activity carried out in the city of Cuzco this dish finds itself present, whether we are talking about championships, fairs, concerts, and others. You will always find there our caseras, food vendors, shouting out the availability of this dish and others, along with whatever they add as accompaniment. Some of them present Turkish rice along with a lomo saltado; an egg and hot dog that are stir fried, or some other combination that they make up.

You will also find it now in the majority of our markets. Sometimes it is sold for lunch and other times for breakfast. You can also have it at ten am as an appetizer to open the way to an early lunch.

Turkish rice does not cost much. Each dish runs about 3-4 soles, between $1US and $1.30, depending on what it is combined with. The genius of mixing is an important part of our culture and our way.

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