A Travel Agency: A Never-ending Experience

Having a travel agency begins with a dream that is later converted into an idea and with much effort is converted into a project. To make it real depends on many factors such as:

Overcome your fears, the fear that your business will fail, that things will not work out as you hoped. I think this happens to everyone who wants to open a business for the first time. Sometimes it occurs because our family or our partner put ideas into our head, such as that “it will not work”, “think things through carefully”, “you should really do something else.” From my perspective, the world is filled with risks which you can take. You only have one life and it is in this life where we have to take the steps to overcome our fears in order to make our dreams a reality.

The money factor is very important. Many times you think that if you do not have a lot of capital you cannot start a project. For me this is a lie. Of course, money is important. However, with a basic amount and good ideas you can begin from below and little by little build your business. You do not need to open a large agency, to be a tour operator, you can begin as a small agency, an endorser by without ever losing sight of your principal goal which is to become a large agency.

To find a team to work with you who are all committed to the enterprise, dynamic and with a lot of desires to improve themselves and to attain big things with your team. This is a challenge and this team will become the motor for your business and from its solidity will depend the success or failure of it.

Know the field well and know what you can offer, know the culture and history and above all if you wish to reach more clients know different languages. None of this is easy but with effort it is all possible.

To have a travel agency is a whole assembly of experiences that will never end. Every day you will learn new things, meet new people, and sometimes think that you already know all you need. That, however, is a great error. You should never quit learning.

In a horse back riding adventure
In a horse back riding adventure

To have a business in which you work with new people from different countries, cultures, customs, languages, and more is not easy. You need to be prepared for everything and prepare your team very well. You must also be very patient because every person is different and your clients find themselves in a country that is very different from their own. In my agency we have a motto: “Treat people as you wish to be treated.”

To organize tours is to become part of the group for whom you are putting the tour together. It is to become their accomplice and make them your family. Every time you put a tour together it is as if it were for the first time. With a lot of emotion, fervor, and commitment to the work, always smiling and showing others the richness of our culture. My father says that one as to choose to do that which you really like if you want to be happy, because your choice is like a gold mine which you will work for your whole life and I think he is right.

The most gratifying thing about having a travel agency is that it make me so happy and it gives me the energy to continue working thanks to the humor of my clients, their words of praise, and the recommendations they make on my behalf to their friends and family members. These make me feel like I have accomplished something professionally and that is the best recompense that we can receive from our clients.

Our goal as an agency is to offer our clients an unforgettable experience and a great adventure that will always remain in our hearts, and to make them feel like they are at home. We offer them high quality tourist services in a country that is rich with culture. We offer them a team of qualified professionals who can identify with our business’ objectives and the preferences of our clients.

Fidelus Coraza Morveli the Travel Guide
Fidelus Coraza Morveli the Travel Guide

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