A Town, a Teacher, and a Murder

Many years ago in the beautiful area of Quillabamba, in a small town called Huayanay, education was slow in coming. A few teachers took the risks to travel there to teach everyone who had the desire to learn.

Huayanay was a community that was very frightened. All kinds of rape and murders took place.  The teachers say the majority of their students were killed, whether by others or by disease.

One day, a teacher told one of his female student to come to his house with the pretext of loaning her books to read.  She complained about the potential abuse to her friends and they went looking for the professor to kill him for having offended the young woman by his invitation.

When they arrived at his home, pretending they were the young woman, they went in and killed the teacher with stones. So that they would not be blamed for the murder, they called a young man who was slow. They lied to him and told him that the teacher wanted to break into his house to steal. They got him to throw a rock at the now dead body.

The slow young man was blamed for the murder and put in jail, while the others laughed because they had not been caught.

The teacher’s mother came with tears in her eyes and filled with bitterness. She pointed her finger at all of those who were guilty and said in a loud voice that all those guilty would die sooner or later. They just laughed and quietly criticized the teacher’s mother.

Everything went well, until one day one of the ones who had done the murder suddenly got sick with stomach problems. He swelled up as if he had a tumor and after much suffering died. The words of the mother had become a curse for all the guilty parties.

Little by little they all died. Even the slow young man, who had simply thrown a single stone at the body, suffered death. The whole community realized that the evil you do you must pay sooner or later. As a result, the murder, robberies, and rapes ceased. After much time, the town found itself completely changed.

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