Today’s Performance and Winners in Cuzco

We Performed Today

From very early this morning, a multitude of people gathered in Cuzco’s Plaza de Armas, its main square.  They included students and fans of the various public and private institutions that offer post secondary education in Cuzco.  People held balloons, bags of confetti and especially prepared their voice to shout from their depths when a dance troupe representing their institution passed by.

Each one of the students who participated as dancers prepared themselves mentally to perform before the judges and impress them with the dexterity of their movements. In addition, the musicians played as never before, their hands covered with blisters and their throats sore from shouting.

When they ended some students fell into their friends arms, empty of energy, and others had to be treated by paramedics because of their efforts to win the dancing competition today for their schools. Their faces showed exhaustion; they had given everything at the indicated time.

While waiting to learn the competition’s results, some discussed where they had gone wrong. The moment of tension was arriving as they loudspeaker announced the different public and private institutions, as well as those from Cuzco’s provinces, who had competed today.

Dancing in Cuzco Today
Dancing in Cuzco Today

The private institution Khipu carried the honor for first place with its dance Huallatas. The public institution Túpac Amaru took first place in its category with the dance Tupay. Finally, the provincial institution Altiva Cañas won with its dance Descanso.

The air exploded with sound as the winners shouted with joy, jumped up and down, balloons in hand, and carried their dancers around while shouting out the name of their institution as never before.

But the institutions that did not win, despite their disappointment filled hopes that next year they would prevail.

This is how today the homage to Cuzco by its institutions culminated. Happy and excited the crowd began returning home after watching all the dancers and the grace and skill of the dancers.

It Was a Brilliant and Exhausting Day
It Was a Brilliant and Exhausting Day

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