Today, We Are All Peru

The Peruvian national soccer selection will battle Argentina tonight for the ninth date of the 2018 World Cup eliminations. The red and white need six points on this double date. Argentina and Chile are their rivals which makes the challenge difficult.

Nevertheless, great expectations rest on Peru´s players. We have a complicated rival but we must add up. Argentina lacks it greatest star, Leonel Messi. He was injured in a game with his team, Barcelona.

All Peruvians are hoping for a win tonight in our national stadium. We have good chances since we have out strikers, Pablo Guerrero, Cristian Cuevas, and Benavente. They must shine tonight and bring a victory to all of us. The game will be open broadcast as well as on CMD at 9:15 PM.

The other ideal scenario for our team is if it obtains fourth place and a direct classification by winning 10 games to reach 30 points in a frame of 6 local games and 6 visiting matches. In any case, if it does not come together as a strong force with the capacity to steal points from the visitors, we will be far from qualifying for a World Cup.

Already memes are appearing like mushrooms after a rain and we were surprised by this humorous video.

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