Toads and Fortune

Sapo y la fortuna

Toads are rare animals within the city as they live near streams, rivers or lagoons. With each day these animals are disappearing as modernity advances by giant steps. Rivers and lagoons are also drying up because of pollution and global warming.

Formerly in the city of Cusco one could hear the croak of toads and the song of crickets alongside the rivers that passed through the center of the city, the Saphi river and the Choquechaca river. Then, at that time it was normal for you to find a toad in the darkest part of your house.

Like crickets or dragonflies, toads have a meaning. For example, when you see a dragonfly in the house it means that you will receive a visit or a letter from somewhere far away or in this case like crickets. But, toads are said to represent wealth wealth and prosperity.

In a lot of business nowadays you can find representations of toads sitting on coins and in their mouthes they also have gold coins. People say that is very lucky for their business.

Toad and Fortune
Toad and Fortune

This idea comes from the south, from Puno, like the Equeco a small man who brings with him all the products, miniature objects, for good fortune and wealth.

People say that there is a man who has a very beautiful house and owns many goods. They say that when people came to his house, to be more exact to the bathroom, they came across the surprise that all the decorations were of toads, in the sink, in the holder for soap, etc.

They asked him why he had those decorations and he explained that they meant fortune, and that it was in the bathroom because it was a dark place where toads commonly could be.

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