Traditional Food

Three Sauces Thrill Cuzco

The Huancaina Sauce

The Imperial city of Cuzco offers a whole variety of typical dishes as well as others that are not from the region. They tend to be delicious and are made not just by our professional chefs, but by those without formal training who work in every market and home.

One dish that we love is the papas a la huancaina, boiled potatoes in huacaina sauce. Though this dish is not from Cuzco, but rather from the coast, it is made daily in our city, both in our restaurants as well as in our markets.

The huancaina sauce which is very popular both here and throughout Peru is easily recognized because of its pleasing flavor. Its principal ingredient is our fragrant and tasty yellow aji, yellow hot pepper. That is what gives this sauce its light bite that delights subtly. In the various events organized throughout the course of the year this sauce can always be found.  It is served as a companion to many dishes, such as the rice with chicken, fettucine, and others.

Although it is not well known, we also have another delicious sauce, the tarwi sauce. Nevertheless, those who know the recipe enjoy it. Tarwi is a food that is generally eaten in main courses. In order to make a tarwi sauce, you follow the same steps required for making a huancaina sauce. It is also used in more than one dish.

Green Sauce, Tallarines Verdes
Green Sauce, Tallarines Verdes

Our green sauce is always used to make what we call green noodles, tallarines verdes. Two ingredients are necessary in order to make the sauce properly: spinach and basil. Together they give this dish its unique flavor. You will find this plate on the menu at many restaurants in Cuzco.

These are just three of the sauces we like and enjoy in the Imperial City of Cuzco. They always accompany some delicious dish and together with it make for a stupendous combination that you will enjoy.


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