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The Wonders of Flaxseed Tea in Cuzco

Flaxseed in Cuzco

Flaxseed is very well known in Cuzco. They are small seeds with great benefits and many fine characteristics. Mostly flaxseed is raised for industrial purposes or as animal food, but of course the demand among people siphons off some for our consumption. We use it, even though many of us do not know flax’s characteristics and its benefits for health.

Flaxseed has the shape of a flattened drop.  It is brown in color with a bit of shine and its taste is similar to nuts.  In our markets, it is sold by the kilo and also in smaller portions, like small packages for 0.50 S/ or more, depending on the size.

Linaza, as we call flaxseed, is used in Cuzco for the hot emollients that are offered on many corners.  From very early in the morning to late at night these fresh tea.  In the combination of herbs and flavors you find flax.

To prepare flax, you just have to boil it in water.  The water becomes a bit gelatinous and that is how we like it.  If you let it chill then it will firm up.

Flaxseed Tea
Flaxseed Tea

Besides finding value in the medicinal and nutritious teas, people make flax tea at home.  It is used to aid women wit the problems of menopause.  It also is good for reducing cholesterol and the probability of suffering a heart attack, people say.

But the best is that linaza serves to calm inflammations as well as internal heat.  It cures mouth sores.  People warn, however, that if you drink too much flax tea it can cause you to go blind.

It is very easy to find flax seed.  In the markets, neighborhood, stores or supermarkets you will find it in different kinds of packaging, or you can buy it in bulk. In the markets it is found in the condiments section, where you find herbs and spices.

Drinking a bit of flax tea or maybe an emollient does no harm, if not done in excess.  People argue that instead of harm, it does a lot of good for our body and helps maintain its good function.

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