The Witches’ Night in Cuzco

The Witches' Night in Cuzco

The purple month ends today. We have had some beautiful times, celebrated various happenings, such as the Lord of Miracles, the International Day of Anticuchos, and even delighted in magical sweets such as the Doña Pepa’s Turrón and picarones.

On this last day of the month, to close this period when purple rules, we celebrate Halloween, a mysterious feast filled with adrenaline and joy in which people dress in whatever costume they with and in it walk up and down the streets of Cuzco.

Many people have looked forward to this day in order to have fun celebrating this popular celebration of the night of witches. Vendors brought their special wares out a week early, including costumes of many famous people. This is to give people ample time to decide how they want to dress up so that they can enjoy their evening.

Children, youths, and adults enjoy this popular fiesta. As always, children go out to ask for candy from stores and homes throughout the city. These little ones, along with their parents, all dressed from head to toe and with pumpkins in their hands go out to gather all the sweets they can.

Youths and adults, just like children, dress up and roam the streets of the city. They do not have the motive of asking for candies. They go out to have fun at parties that the bars and discotheques organize. For today, all of them raise the price of drinks. The Plaza mayor, the main square, will be where most of the go to show off their costumes and have fun.

In this mysterious way, everyone costumed, we close our month with a Golden broach and begin the month of November where other celebrations await. Happy Night of Witches.

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