The Were-Dog and Death

Beware of Strange Dogs Following You (Walter Coraza Morveli)

Once upon a time there was a community where it was very cold. The people who lived there, as a consequence, went home early and did not come out again until morning lest they catch a cold. That is really not the whole reason. They were being stalked by carisiris and people were dying with no apparent cause.

One mother and her son were hurrying to get home one evening. The child fell behind and fainted but the mother did not realize it at first. When she looked back she saw her son on the ground and by him a black dog.

Really worried, she took him home where he began to get sick. With every day he got skinnier and skinnier. They called the healers and they told the family that their son’s illness was from the carisiri. They began a treatment with sheep’s fat and after a few months the boy began to get better.

The healers said that the people needed to be very careful because of the carisiris. If a dog stalks you, then you need to look at its feet to see if there you see the feet of the human. If so then that dog is a carisiri.

They also said that the carisiris use syringes to steal your fat. When you awaken you do not notice, but then your body turns bruised and you slowly die. Another of the healers told how he had seen a dog go around the corner and turn into a tall man in a black suit.

In many communities, especially on the altiplano, people still experience these things. When someone dies they say it is because of the carisiri or maybe the work of doctor mortis who we will talk about in another article.

Night is a Dangerous Time in the Highlands (Walter Coraza Morveli)
Night is a Dangerous Time in the Highlands (Walter Coraza Morveli)

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