The Universities of Cuzco

UNSAAC University Cuzco

Cuzco is many things. It is the former capital of the Inca Empire, the current capital of a Peruvian state; a city visited by more than a million tourists a year, a staging place for trips to Machu Picchu, and a university town. Students come from all over the state and nearby to study in the universities found in the Huatanay Valley.

In our city you will find the Unviersidad de San Antonio Abad del Cusco (UNSAAC), the Universidad Andina del Cusco (UAC), and the Universidad Alas Peruanas (UAP). These are the most recognized although there are branches of other Peruvian universities that have also taken up location here.

The UNSAAC is one of the most recognized universities in Latin America. It admission exam is considered one of the most difficult. There are three ways of gaining admission.

The test is the first. It is directed to those students who have completed the fifth year of secondary school. The second way is an ordinary exam directed to all students who have graduated from secondary school without having obtained a place the first test. The third is called CEPRU. It is a preparatory school organized by the university to prepare students for admission and is taught by the university’s professors. It consists of various exams, though there are only four that must be passed.

Alas Peruanas Cusco
Alas Peruanas Cusco

Besides this prestigious university’s majors, you will also find a center for language study (Centro de Idiomas) on the university’s campus.

The UAP is one of the most popular universities among young people. Many students, who cannot pass the test for UNSAAC, for various reasons, decide to seek admission to the UAC or the UAP. The difference between these two and the UNSAAC is that they are both private while the latter is public.

The UAP is located on Puputi Street. Besides providing training in a range of majors, the UAP is well known for organizing fiestas. One of those is the day of the university’s anniversary. They organize others as well, most carried out in Cuzco’s Beer Garden, a well-known place in the city where many artists come to perform. On the day of a University fiesta only people who have the identity card from the university are granted admission.

Inside Andina University
Inside Andina University

The UAC is one of the universities that makes the city stand out. It costs more than the UAP and it requires an admission test.

The UAC also organizes various events and fiesta throughout the year where students can have fun in the midst of demanding studies. This university also has a language school located on the Sun Avenue in downtown Cusco.

Students come from far and wide to join those from the city of Cusco and study at these universities. The students and their faculty are part of what makes Cusco such a great city to visit and a fun place to live.

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