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The Surprise of Urine

Yesterday I was walking slowly in San Blas. I was sad because last night I had a problem with my good friend. When I arrived at the Main Square, the Plaza de Armas, I passed by an artisan. He was displaying his handicrafts. He asked me where I was from and I told him, “I am from Cusco and have lived all my life here.”

He told me his name was Timoteo. He was an older man, maybe fifty or sixty years old. He started talking to me and I forgot my sorrows. Timoteo let off good vibes that showed he was a good man.

We talked and every word he said was wise. He told me he was not from Cuzco though he had lived here almost his whole life. He said he worked always with handicrafts. “I feel good,” he said “creating new jewelry for visitors and local people.”

After a bit he came to where I was sitting and told me that I impressed him and that it was rare for him to find someone like me.

We continued talking and he said that besides being a craftsman he also was a performer, an actor. He told me about his theatrical experience and the pieces that he practiced with his film team. He was gifted and very able in his expression and spoke with much wisdom. He was always subtle and straightforward.

Urine is Healthy
Urine is Healthy

Some fifteen minutes had gone by in which we were talking and he told me an important fact. “Every day,” he said, “in the morning I drink a glass of my own urine.” He spoke clearly and I was not surprised as another person might have been because I had also heard things about this custom.

He told me that urine was everything for him and that he even urinated out small stones. That did surprise me.

He said that every night I should wash my face and hands with my own urine and that would keep my skin protected and cleaned from grease and impurities.

How crazy. In just a few minutes I had obtained very interesting information. It was time for me to go and I said goodbye with a strong handshake. As I was leaving he said that whenever I wanted to talk I should look him up. I left feeling calm but with my mind surprised and wanting to know more.





Arni Fernandez

I am from Cuzco, Peru and live in the Urb. Ayuda Mútua. I am 19 years old. I love to play football (soccer) where I play forward, listen to music, and write articles.

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