The Story of the Loved One, the Kuychi

They say that in ancient times, when people would work the land in the shadows of the spirits of the mountains and the Lady Earth (Pachamama), a man lived with his seven sons in a small hut. They say that one day the Lady Moon (Mama Killa) came down from the sky (hanaq pacha). She was looking for a man who could marry her. He had to be a good man with a noble heart.

She knocked on the door of the man’s hut and out came the father. Lady Moon spoke with him and explained her desires. Since he was very noble her introduced her to his first son.

Lady moon took the eldest boy with her to the sky. And, on the next day she came back saying she had given him over. He was not the one she looked for.  So the man gave her his second son and the same thing happened.

He Doesn't Known When She Will Come to Take Him
He Doesn’t Known When She Will Come to Take Him

And so it continued. The father saw that each day he had fewer sons and yet, with great pain in his heart he continued turning his sons over to the moon so that she would be happy. Each son he sent with her never came home and the father suffered more.

One last time Lady Moon came knocking on his door. He told he had no more sons and that only he was there. Maybe he was the person who she could marry.

Lady moon looked into the man’s heart in that moment. She saw that is was a noble heart so she agreed to marry him. But he still put a single condition on his agreement to go with her.

Lady Moon Looking for the Next Gay
Lady Moon Looking for the Next Guy

He said that the Lady Moon must return his seven sons. She was happy and told him that his seven sons would live forever.

At first he did not understand what she was telling him. At that moment appeared a beautiful light in the sky. It was an arch of seven wonderful colors.  They were the man’s seven sons, an amazing rainbow.

The Seven Sons Became in Seven Wonderful Colors
The Seven Sons Became the Seven Wonderful Colors
Sunset Over the Mountains
Sunset Over the Mountains




  1. I really like this story, it shows that the people of puru really care about their history and were they came from. Even after the father gave the Lady of the Moon his sons one after the other he was still willing even though it caused him pain. Peolpe should take all of their countries mytholgy and see were they came from, and what they have accomplished.

  2. Hi im in Miss Laws class. I love this story, it makes me think that true love is out there. The fact that the man gave the Lady of the Moon every one of his sons and then agred to marrie her after is amazing. If someone came and took my kids, and i couldnt see them anymore, then asked me to marrie them i wouldnt, the man showes great strangh.

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