The Story of Elvis and Eliana

Romance in Cuzco

Once upon a time, there was a young couple of lovers who lived in the neighborhood of Ayuda Mutua of Cuzco. They were seventeen years old and were named Elvis and Eliana.

Eliana was beautiful and was studying medicine in the UNSAC university of Cuzco. Her parents were reasonably well off and gave her everything she needed. Her mother had a store and worked hard managing it while her father was a university professor in the same school where his daughter studied.

On the other hand, Elivs was from a poor family. His mother sold fruit in the San Pedro market and his father painted houses. Besides Elvis, the family had seven other children and what the parents earned barely maintained the family.
Eliana and Elivs met because they both had homes in the same neighborhood. When they got together as lovers, both were happy. They would stroll around the streets of the city and nearby rural areas together. Every time they go together they fell in love more. Their love was the most beautiful thing that had happened in their lives.

Months went by and the relation was going very well. With every passing day they loved each other more until, one day, Eliana’s father found out his daughter was seeing someone and he decided to find out what he could about the young man who was interested in his daughter.

At first the father figured Eliana’s boyfriend must be a student at the same university where she studied. When he found out Elvis was just a neighborhood kid who did nothing to improve his life, the father exploded in rage. He immediately spoke with Eliana and forbade her from ever going out with Elvis again. Eliana begged him, in the midst of lots of tears, to change his mind but to no avail.

Elvis found out and suffered a lot. He could not spend time with Eliana and yet he could not be without her. The days went by and Eliana decided to see Elvis behind her father’s back. She left her home and lied to them about where she was going in order to see her beloved. In this way they kept their relationship going but they knew they could not go on this way because sooner or later their parents would learn the truth and that is what happened.

Eliana’s parents found out their daughter had not obeyed them. Bitter and desperate they went to speak with Elvis’ parents to beg them to make their son stay away from Eliana. Elvis’ parents told them that if their children were in love then nothing could keep them apart. They reached no agreement and ended up arguing. As they were leaving, Eliana’s father said he would do everything in his power to make sure that his daughter was far away from Elvis.

One Saturday, Elvis left a party as he usually did. Nevertheless with the coming of morning he could not be found in his home. His mother thought her son must have been drinking and would have spent the night in one of his friend’s homes. Later she found out her son had died. People told her his body was found under the railings of Mariscal Gamarra Street. Elvis family could not believe what had happened. Some of them thought Eliana’s father must have had something to do with his death but they could prove nothing since they did not have enough money to carry out any investigation.

They buried Elvis in the Huancaro cemetery. When Eliana found out she could not believe it. She insisted he must still be alive and that people were lying to her to keep the two apart. She went to the cemetery and with the help of a friend opened the tomb. She found her love’s body and by his side a stuffed animal she had given him. Only then would she believe he was dead.

A few days later, Eliana decided to commit suicide by drinking poison in a hostal on Recoleta Street. When her parents found out they did everything to try to save their daughter and they could not. She had left a note begging to be buried alongside her beloved. But her father refused and, instead, had her buried in the Almudena cemetery.

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