The Myth of Quinoa’s Origins, the Grain of Gold.

Quinoa Seeds

An old legend tells that the ancient people were able to converse with the stars. One upon a time a star came down to earth, having become enchanted with a young man. They talked and talked as hours passed by.

Because she was the daughter of heaven they reached a time where she had to return to the sky even with heaviness in her heart.

The youth was very sad at seeing her leave. He decides he needed to fly up to the sky to look for her. He went to ask his best friend, the condor, if he could help him


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Once in the sky, his search for his star took a long time but he finally found her and the two spent a lot of time together. She would feed him a golden grain, one that was delicious and nourishing. It was the famous grain of the gods, quinoa.

After much time, the youth wanted to return to the earth to visit his parents since he had missed them a great deal.

The star said good bye to him on parting gave him the magical, golden grain so that his people could cultivate it on the earth.

This is the story of how humans came to have the quinoa, one of the staves of life in the Andes.

Quinoa Growing in Anta Province (Walter Coraza Morveli)
Quinoa Growing in Anta Province (Walter Coraza Morveli)

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