The Most Feared Demon in the High Mountains

In Andean mythology there are demons and creatures of all kinds. Without a doubt, the jarjacha (carcaq) is one of the most feared. This mystical creature has an anthropo-zoomorphic form (half man, half llama) and sometimes manifests as a half man half dog.

This demon usually appears in the Peruvian highlands in secluded and solitary villages, scaring its inhabitants with a thunderous shout that sounds like “JAR-JAR-JAR,” from which its name comes.

It is said that these demons are condemned people who wander eternally in this world for having committed one of the greatest sins proclaimed by the Catholic Church and Christianity, incest between parents and children or close relatives.

In addition, this creature has the power to possess and hypnotize its victims by just looking at them. Then, it kills them. These jarjachas usually appear during the night between 3 and 4 in the morning. It is said that the only way to kill this demon is by striking it with a machete on his head so he will die quickly and will not be able to use his hypnotic powers.


In our Andean provinces where this entity appears, people come together in groups to hunt it. For this, they use strong ropes made of llama leather and wool, crucifixes or any metal object that serves as a weapon, like picks, crowbars, or axes.



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There are many testimonies of people who have run into this creature and are still living to tell it. The jarjacha is one of the most well-known and feared creatures for these societies. That is why, if you ever find yourself in high, isolated places and you hear the JAR-JAR-JAR sound, do not go out alone and if it appears in front of you, do not look him directly in the eyes. And, just run.

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