The Magic of Cusco’s Nights

In America’s heart, Cusco, when the sun gives way to night the streets dress in orange, the color of hundreds or thousands of public lights from the Plaza de Armas, the Main Square, to most streets in the city’s monumental core. You can walk down Tecsecocha, Plateros, Hatunrumiyoc, Suecia, and Procuradores, or through the neighborhoods of San Blas and San Cristobal and you will see this.

Peruvian and foreign tourists discover it and feel it as magic. They feel a special vibe from nights in Cusco.

For visitors wishing to know and understand Inca architecture, the night is ideal. Foot traffic and crowds go way down. Cusco seem to undress and show its charms to those who court it.

You see the colonial mansions on Inca foundations, the carved wooden, colonial balconies, the structure of the mansions, the narrow streets each with different stories and histories. Everything seems magic from another time.

The life of Cusco at night is related to the fiestas and celebrations carried out in the city. Because it is both a regional center and a cosmopolitan city people seek out fun at night. People from all over rub shoulders with locals, sharing experiences, drinking, dancing, and just enjoying the night.

Around midnight most cafes and pubs close their door and from that precise hour bars and discotheques offer a happy hour in which they sell drinks at half price.

Generally on weekends everything is fiesta, full party. From Wednesday night till Sunday morning the different bars, discotheques, karaokes are all filled with color and maximum excitement and pleasure. The main sites are around the Plaza de Armas, the main square. As a result, tourists can have one with lots of security and freedom. They have a variety of places to choose from.

The fusion of Andean with other music is one of the main rhythms that attracts tourists. The mysticism embedded in the costumes of some artists looks traditional. You see them in ponchos, knitted caps (chullos), and vests in Andean colors. They often play traditional Andean instruments, such as pan pipes (zampoña), quena, guitar, and charango, among others, to which they add things like the didgeridoo.Sunset in the Plaza

The decoration of these places is inspired by Andean culture and nature. Some have paintings and murals with figures from the Andean trilogy: the serpent, the puma, and the condor. They also have stars, the sun, and the moon. To see all this is pleasing because it connects you with nature through songs and Andean sounds.

Of course there are also places where other musical genres are shared. You will find something for every taste: salsa, reggae, reggaeton, rock, electro, blues, samba, etc. All of these places operate until 4 or 5 in the morning. In some night spots it is possible to take salsa classes as well as classes in other fun rhythms completely free.

The City of Cusco fills its nights with the most varied and exciting kinds of fun. Everything is charged with energy. It would be a sin to not enjoy the beauty of our urban

Cusco Plaza de Armas
Cusco Plaza de Armas

nights. The Imperial city is, with all security, filled with life and joy day and night.

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