The Food Court Rules These Days in Cuzco

In 2014 Cuzco has seen an increase in the consumption of fast food, hamburgers, chicken, and chifas (Chinese-Peruvian food) in the establishments in the center of the city as well as in its new mall, the Real Plaza.

Every day people go to the mall to shop in the different stores inside it and maybe buy something. They also go to the food court where you will find Popeyes, China Wok, Bembos, Oto Grill, and so on.

Chaufa at Chifa Status
Chaufa at Chifa Status

Many people in Cuzco love to eat Chinese food in the variety of Chifas we have in our city and they compare it with the fast food of China Wok found in the Real Plaza. The difference in quality and flavor is enormous. The dishes prepared in our chifas are made when you order them and not prepared in advance to sit in steamer trays waiting for clients. On the other hand the food of the China Wok is made up in great quantity so people can buy it instantly and have it there for their immediate consumption. As a result, it is less tasty and always make you think something is missing.

Nevertheless going to China Wok has become quite the custom. People keep going there to just have fast food in a contemporary and popular place.

Since the Real Plaza is new in our city people are still getting used to its novelties and they love to hang out there, especially teenagers and college aged people, while waiting for movies or just eating in the food court.

Chinawok Chaufa
Chinawok Chaufa

Brayan Coraza Morveli

I am completely Cusqueño and am 20 years old. By profession, I am a systems analyst. I like to listen to and play Andean music as well as do break dancing. I also love to share my experiences as someone from Cuzco with other people. One of my great goals is to get to know my culture more deeply and share it with others, both people of other generations and brothers and sisters from other parts of the world.

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