The Figure of The National Shield of Cusco Has Been Recovered

Passionate residents of Cerro Araway highlight with picks, shovels and plaster the figure of the national shield located on said hill.

The national coat of arms that was distinguished from different parts of the imperial city of Cusco, but with the passage of time and climate change was systematically disappearing, for that reason the leaders of the Pro Housing Association, Generation 2000 of the district of Santiago – Cusco, they carried out a general task to carry out the restoration of our national symbol in the bicentennial of Peru.

Given the carelessness of the authorities of Cusco and the V mountain brigade of the army, who are in charge of repainting this national symbol every year. The neighbors who live in the Araway hill got together to carry out the necessary work to recover the national shield painted on said hill.

All the restoration work and artistic recomposition of our national emblem was carried out with the support of the students of the Diego Quispe Tito University of Cusco and volunteers who feel love for Peru.

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