The decent of the kings in Cusco

The Entrance of the Three Kings

The year 2019 began full of good wishes, good fortune, and a lot of positivism. But the final part of the Christmas is still pending. The descent of kings in recent years, is celebrated with passion in the city of Cusco.

Parishioners have a greater role in this fiesta. They follow Christian history very closely. This is the passage that is the basis for this day: “The wise men began their journey after worshiping and giving gifts to the child Jesus.”

From early in the morning church bells in the whole city of Cusco can be heard. They call for the first Mass where the devotees go with their whole family and carry in their arms their child Manuelito to receive a blessing.

This will be the last time they see their child Manuelito since they put it away until it’s Christmas again. After the mass a whole procession begins. The different groups of parishioners of the church perform a fantastic staging of this part of Christian history.

Dressed in costumes in different parts of the city of Cusco, they perform the wise men. They make a tour accompanied by a large crowd of people who love to see this staging.

After an arduous work to da creche scene with detail and patience, this day it’s time to take them down and save everything for the next Christmas. All the images of Angels, Mary, Joseph, the wise men, the animals, etc. should be well packed with paper to avoid breaking.

All this work is done with great devotion with the help of the whole family. Children learn from customs and help to the fullest in order to fulfill them. In this way ends the descent of kings in the city of Cusco.

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