The day of the Campesino

Guardians of Potato (Photo Walter Coraza Morveli)

June 24 of each year is a very special day in our country. This day pays homage to the man and woman of the fields due to whose hard work we do not lack food on our tables.

Whether farmers or cattlemen, our campesinos do the hardest work. They are in direct contact with the land and animals such as cattle and sheep. Every day, very early in the morning, trucks arrive full of products of prime necessity to all the markets of the country so that food is not lacking.

The process of sowing through to harvest is filled with tasks that are not easy to fulfill. This process requires intense work from the farmers for up to 24 hours without resting. Happily they own and keep alive the traditions of our ancestors such as the Ayni, the Mit’a and the Minka which are forms of community work.

In the markets and the stores, there is almost never a lack of basic necessities. We value the work of the campesinos since the remuneration they receive for their crops is not adequate, but they do not turn back and continue with the work so we can alwyas have food.

This day we celebrate the work they do, everything that leads to a product reaching our tables we and finally pay the price of products without asking for discounts or belittling the campesinos. We enjoy Peruvian products that are still natural and we thank all these people who work for our country.

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