The Color of Christmas in Cusco

Christmas is an inevitable festival that is celebrated every year, on December 25 the birth of the child Jesus is commemorated and therefore throughout the city of Cusco a colorful parade of smiles is shown, the entire population including children and adults, locals or foreigners, leave their homes to buy gifts or ornaments to decorate the armed natives at home. The objective of this traditional festival is to share love and the best of oneself with those around us.

Arbol de navidad en Cusco (foto: Walter Coraza)

¿Who Created Christmas?   

It is believed that the person in charge of promoting the Christmas tradition was Charles Dickens through a “Christmas Carol” in 1843. The outcome of this story tells of Ebenezer Scrooge, an old, bitter man who refuses social contact and despises Christmas, for For this reason, when his nephew invites him to celebrate, he rejects the idea in an inappropriate and rude way. However, when he arrives at his home, he is visited by three Christmas ghosts that change his perspective on the celebration, and on his life. With this story, the entire aristocracy and middle class were attracted to this holiday. Today it is a debate that remains today and is mostly concentrated in the Northern Hemisphere.   

Navidad Cusqueña (Brayan Coraza Morveli)

How is Christmas celebrated in Cusco?

In the imperial city of Cusco, it is the exact time to share with children and loved ones, for this days before from December 22 to 25, chocolates are organized in the different districts of the city, where people, especially children, arrive. from different local communities surrounding Cusco, all of them come with the illusion of receiving a gift and sharing a cup of hot chocolate accompanied by their Christmas viscocho or their slice of panettone.

Christmas events are organized where children have fun playing and spending time together in different fun activities. The chocolatadas take place in various areas of Cusco, the objective is to provide a sharing with the less fortunate families.

Niños de las comunidades aledañas recibiendo sus regalos por navidad (Walter Coraza)
Niños de las comunidades aledañas recibiendo sus regalos por navidad (Walter Coraza)

Since December 24, people around the world are preparing to celebrate Christmas Eve, with the same expectation and joy of meeting with loved ones, whether with family or at a meeting of friends, where gifts are exchanged and gifts are given. good wishes for the future. Many people wait 12 at night while they share a Christmas dinner, baked turkey, chicken broth or simply a hot chocolate with their panettone, tonight they enjoy the company and the delicious food and drink while receiving the good night.


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On this traditional date, commerce expands throughout the city, traditional markets, supermarkets, Christmas fairs, shopping centers and even neighborhood wineries, they are decorated and colorful with games of lights, Christmas trees and figures alluding to Christmas, all this is displayed on their doors, windows, balconies and counters, from where they invite you to stop by and buy the gifts on sale.

The Plaza de Armas and all the main avenues of the city are also adorned with figures of Santa Claus, Christmas reindeer, trees, elves, stars and births, all these figures, at night light up different colors that make you feel the environment and the Christmas spirit alive and fresh. 

The days leading up to Christmas in Cusco are fun and busy with the city full of little Christmas markets. People are out buying gifts for their friends and relatives, eating sweets, breads and buying Christmas decorations, such as textiles, incense, candles, ceramics among others.

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