The Battle of the Mountain of Colors

The Mountain of Colors has become one of the busiest tourist destinations, so much so that it is the second most visited destination after Machu Picchu. It welcomes daily more than 10 thousand tourists between foreigners and locals

Likewise, this natural attraction has gone from being a famous destination to being a place of confrontation between two peasant communities (residents of Chillihuani Kusipata and Pampachiri Pitumarca) who dispute the control of the tourist route.

The conflict was motivated by a dispute over the entrance of tourists to the Mountain of Colors for which there are two routes. The longest road crosses the district of Pitumarca, while the short route crosses the district of Chillihuani, particularly the community of Cusipata.

This confrontation between farmers near the Seven Colors Mountain left dozens injured and presumably two dead. The community witnesses indicated that they were confronted with sticks, stones and even firearms.

In these days in the middle of meetings, agreements are being reached between these two peasant communities. We hope that this situation can be mediated and that they can enter into a good agreement for the benefit of both communities for the sake of this natural attraction and the well-being of visiting tourists.


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