Chicken Soup to Reinvigorate You

Soup, the Forgotten Mainstay of Peruvian Cuisine

A Representation of Teqsi Wiracocha (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)

The great Creator God Wiraqocha Is Still Visible in Cuzco

Guaman Poma's Drawing of the Two Suns and Pacariqtambo ( 2006/poma/79/en/text/?open=id2970453)

Two Stories, Two Suns, and Inca History

The Lord of Temblors in the Rain

Cuzco, A Sacred Place, and the Deity Viracocha

The Qoya, The Inca's Wife ( poma/120/en/text/?open=id2973071)

How the Inca Got His Wife

Maná in Cuzco

Manna in the Streets