The Palace of Cuisine, The Casa Moreyra

Peru’s Palace of High Cuisine, the New Casa Moreyra in Lima

Andean Tiradito (Photo: Wayra)

Despite Naysayers, Peruvian Cuisine Surges Abroad

A Piece of Sweet Corn Cake-Pastel de Choclo (Photo: A Mi Estilo Peru)

A New Standard of Novo-Andean Cuisine, Pastel de Choclo (Sweet Corn Cake)

Lomo Saltado at a Popular Eatery in Lima

Tradition and Change in Peru’s Lomo Saltado

Aji de Gallina with Rice

The Classic of Creole Cuisine, Ají de Gallina, Thrills Young and Old Alike

Aji Panca

The Performer of Flavor in Peru, Aji Panca

Unnamed and Unusual Variety of Hot Pepper in Cuzco's Market

Peruvian Cuisine Surges in the US Press