A Comadre Doll at San Pedro Market (Hebert Humani)

Comadres Day Opens with Satyrical Dolls on Posts the City

Comapadres Together (Hebert Edgardo Huamani Jara)

Cuzco Celebrates its Compadres Today

The Joy and Craziness of Carnival in Cuzco

February Loco, the Month of Celebrations

Dancing Carnaval Cusqueño

With Joy and Food Carnival Began Today

Cuzco Celebrates the Compadres Day

Carnival Begins today as Compadres Celebrate

Compadre in San Pedro Market

Before Carnival, Cuzco Thrills with Comadres and Compadres

Kapero Playing Snares and Dancing while Enjoying the Fiesta

Musicians Make Cuzco Celebrate, the Kaperos of Cuzco