Residue of Chicha is Nutritious Food for Animals in Cusco

Jora de Maíz, Sutichi Alimento de los animales en Cusco (Foto Walter Coraza Morveli)

Chicha is a traditional drink from the Andes of Peru. Preparing chicha has a long and arduous process based on the correct use of ingredients such as corn, a fundamental part of its preparation and also for the feeding of the Andean regions of Peru

Only people who know the recipe well can make a real chicha. The remainder from chicha also has a value. This has the Quechua name of “sutuchi”. After sieving the raw chicha you get only the precious liquid. All the used and boiled ingredients of the preparation remain as residue.

Different flours, corn, and fruit, among other ingredients, are used to prepare the chicha. The mixture of these ingredients forms a very nutritious residue for animals. Guinea pigs, chickens and pigs are benefited from the Sutuchi.

Raquis Filled with Chicha in the Chichería (Photo: Wayra)
Raquis Filled with Chicha in the Chichería (Photo: Wayra)

People who like to drink chicha and have animals at home follow a routine. As usual, in the afternoon they go their favorite chichería. They drink their chicha accompanied by friends and interesting conversation topics. Spicy, small plates of food arrive or amain dish to fill the stomach. When done, you can order sutuchi to take away. This has a symbolic cost of some soles or it is free if you are a regular customer.

In this way all of the chicha is used and generates a circle of friendship among the people who interact in this process. Chicha is special and unites people.

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