Sunrise in Tres Cruces Amazes Every Year

A magical, unique, and surprising experience awaited when we went to see the sunrise in Tres Cruces, near Paucartambo. We went to this marvelous place that is just two hours from the town of Paucartambo at the entrance to the Manu wildlife reserve.

Many people travel to that beautiful place to observe the dawn and the sun’s birth. Many go on the 16th of July and others the 17th.

Once you are in Tres Cruces you will see a small cabin where many people go to seek refuge from the cold of the pre-dawn at that altitude. You will find there women who sell hot beverages such as hot chocolate, coffee, or ponche. Some people stay there waiting for the dawn while others wait outside.

The cold is frightening and intense. To go to Paucartambo you should take blankets and put on many layers of clothes. The cold is unforgiving. Many people now take tents to await the dawn with tranquility and without worry until the sun is ready to rise.

When the sun is about to rise everything gets spectacular in the over look. From there you will see a combination of different colors, greys, blues, reds, and yellows. People fill with emotion as the watch the changing colors and await the brilliance of the sun, our Tayta Inti.

Tayta Inti (Walter Coraza Morveli)
The God Sun, Tayta Inti (Walter Coraza Morveli)

Some people claim the sun only comes out in its full splendor when the sky is completely cloudless. For that reason it is only in some years that you can see the sun as a spherical orb.

Two years ago I saw it that way. I remember it well. The sun came out fully and splendidly. People applauded, shouted, and laughed that they were lucky enough to see something so phenomenal.

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