Sundays of Fútbol, Tradition, Culture, and Life

Without any doubt the king of sports all over the place is soccer, what we call futbol. Wherever you go it rules. In Cuzco it is everything. It is culture, tradition, and life.

On Sundays this sport is much played. It devotees what with a lot of hope and desire for this day to be able to “pichanguear”, play soccer, in their neighborhoods, in a championship, or in a challenge.

They do not go just to have fun and play a sport. Football is a complete tradition for them.

On a game day there is everything. Futbol causes us to live moments of intense feelings both inside and outside the field of play. You will see strategy, style, warfare, elegance, and goals. At the same time around the cancha, as we call the pitch, you will find delicious snacks and food. They are unmissable.

Whenever a championship is played you will find a pollada or parillada, a grill of chicken or beef. It is delicious. There will also be live bands who enliven the event with lots of good music such as chicha, cumbia, and more. .

This is how we live our futbol. As people always say, después del fulbito viene el fulvaso, after the small field football comes the full glass. After a game we enjoy some delicious cold beers. They say this because whether it is a championship or a neighborhood game, the play is always accompanied by beer. That is our culture.

Football is also the sport of our hearts. It unites families and creates new friendships. That is how we enjoy and play our futbol in Cuzco.

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