Sunday is Market Day in Cuzco

It is Sunday early, market day in cuzco and you can feel the flavor of the  fresh vegetables that have arrived from the fields,  at the same time the different colors of  fruit fill the San Pedro market with brightness and shine.

The ideal way is to buy products  for the whole week, but especially for  Sunday  It is when all the family join together to have a great feast as a group.

In Cuzco everything we do is a fiesta.  For example, when there is work to do  everyone shares, has fun, drinks chicha, and works in group.

In the market, it is the same. It is a fiesta of  products: fruit and vegetables,  People from different provinces arrive bringing taking their best products to share with everyone.

These days are we see sea food arriving from the coast for Holy Week in Cuzco. Also fresh fruit appears in abundance like peach, watermelon, and blackberries. These are all products needed for people to make the special twelve dishes for Holy Week.

If you are in Cuzco you should visit the san pedro market where you will find fresh and healthy food, Its near the main plaza and it is wasy to get there on foot.  It only takes 5 minutes.

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