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Street Food Fills the Night in Cuzco

Street Food in Cuzco (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)q

Cuzco has a Rich nightlife, including places where you can eat most hours of the night. Still, only a few years ago, there were not as many restaurants, discotheques, bars, and other places for enjoyment. Live concerts were done during the large fiestas and where anxiously awaited. People would organize parties and fiestas in their own neighborhoods.

Thanks to tourism places have opened in the city where both tourists and locals can go to enjoy the night every day of the week.

Although there is food available in some restaurants and bars, people tend to eat street food mostly. Hamburgers, anticuchos, and salchipapas thrill people’s palate after having danced, drunk, and had lots of fun.

After twelve midnight many places open though only a few serve fast food throughout the night.

On Saphi Street you can find throughout the night hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, eggs, and various mixtures. They are served along with a portion of salad, fried eggs, and various crèmes (condiments). People enjoy them along with bottles of soft drinks.

Salchipapa a Favorite Fast Food by Nights
Salchipapa a Favorite Fast Food by Nights

Choquechaca Street is another of the places where fast food is sold through the night. There you can find the popular yucca rebosada (battered and fried yucca), as well as the much-loved potato with egg. These are served in the company of a green hot sauce. The caseras (vendors) work from around nine pm through the early hours of the morning (three or four am). The cost of each dish is 2 to 3 soles.

The panorama at night is very interesting. Cuzco has become a cosmopolitan society in which there is a rich and intense nightlife. Enjoying the enchantment of walking its streets at night is another way of getting to know the city’s spirit.

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