Street Comedies Claim San Francisco Plaza Every Weekend

The liveliness and mischief of roaming comics in Cuzco makes people all over the city laugh, often in rolling belly laughs. These commedians have a special gift and they use it with delight to steal smiles and pleasure from all who come to watch their shows. They become popular and even develop a following.

We call them roaming comics because they present their shows in the streets and plazas. They quickly put together a space that becomes a stage in the round, circled by the public. Their only way to make any money is to make people laugh. They do not charge for their shows although sometimes they do offer some candies (turrones) for people to buy. But in other cases they only depend on the will of the public and on their ability to excite and make people drop their money in the commedians hats.

The majority of these street artists are men, especially young men. They have no shame and perform in very funny ways before the public, often doing things that in ordinary me would provoke censorship and shame. Sometimes they play the role of women. They put on dresses and begin to immitate a lady. They make hilarious gestures and mimicry. When they work in a team of two you wills ee them grab each other by the hair, play at the fights in a couple, and even strike each other. These are some of the forms that these commedians use to keep the public entertained and stuck to the spot until the show is over and the public has dropped money in the hat.

One of the favorite places for this kind of street theatre, where the commedians perform their shows is the Plaza San Francisco. There they work. On weekedns, Saturdays and Sundays, this space belings to the commedians. From noon until dusk they realice their shows. During those hours people who circulate through the plaza return home from the shows still laughing and with a smile on their face.

The greatest desire of these much loved street comics is to have a viedeo filmed of their performance and with the help of the people and their fans become famous and recognied commedians in Peru and abroad.


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