Start of the Rainy Season Cusco

A Rainy Day and Nice Rainbow (Walter Coraza Morveli)

The changes of season are very important for the different activities carried out in the Andes of Peru. Transcendental activities such as agriculture and of course tourism are important here, although recent climatic changes have impacted.

The rainy season brings benefits for agriculture. It is the beginning of the sowing season in the fields of the different villages in the Andes. Products such as potatoes and corn need the rainy season, since there is a shortage of products throughout the year with rain delay.

Product costs will vary depending on production. While there is less rain the costs will be high. Following the lack of rain in different villages where their most important economic activity is agriculture, they perform a series of rituals to encourage the arrival of rain.

These rituals begin with the reading of coca, where they will see if there will be rain or not. After performing this action, they proceed to make offerings to the different deities such as the Pachamama and the most representative mountains so that they intercede and can cause the rain.

In activities such as tourism, rain can significantly affect. But this does not discourage visitors. Since the city of Cusco becomes more beautiful with clean air, the appearance of natural phenomena such as rainbows, lightning, lightning, etc. also enchant visitors.

The whole year is a good time to visit Cusco, of course you have to have different implements such as sunscreen, sun hats and water ponchos, good shelter for the rainy season.

In the rainy season it is expected that there will be a good production in agriculture and a good supply in markets throughout Peru.

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