St. Valentine’s Day in Cusco

The day of those in love has arrived and there is no place more romantic than Cusco to celebrate this date with the person you love.

Buy your love a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day, give her a bouquet of flowers or a romantic dinner, go dancing with friends; these are the things that most of Cuzco does on this day of friendship and love.

Arrangements of roses, stuffed animals and chocolates appear for sale everywhere, it seems. You can also give your partner a romantic trip. Some even think about asking their love to marry them on this day.

February 14th is one of the most anticipated days of this month. It is a day that excites the people of Cusco and will be a very busy one indeed although filled with love.

Walter Coraza Morveli

Hi. I live in Cuzco and I am very proud of having been born in this ancient land. I feel part of all the culture of Cuzco and it makes me feel alive amongst our mountains. Above all, I love to immerse myself in our history and be able to write about our ways of life, as well as document them through photography.

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