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Spain, California, and Paris, All in Cusco

Chicha and Frutillada together in the same feast

The creativity and imagination of Cuzco’s people has no end. It shows itself in many ways, including in their language. People constantly create new words and expressions that surprise. Cuzco has its jergas, its slang filled with creativity and joy. To them are now added many names from other places.

The other day I was walking around the traditional Plazoleta de San Blas and ran into a friend who is a really good soccer player. We started conversing while enjoying the sun and a refreshing white chicha. After exchanging various ideas amidst lots of laughter I asked him where he is playing these days.

He turned serious and said, “I am now playing in Spain“ (España). I was shocked and said, “In Spain”.

“Yes, in Spain,” he said, It is only 4 hour away from Cusco. Didn’t you know that Espinar is now called España” (Spain)?

I could only laugh. Furthermore, he told me the names of many of Cusco’s provinces have now been exchanged for those of the great countries of the world. This surprised me and so I decided to check it out some more.

These days the Province of Calca is nothing more or less than California. That is what people call it who pay attention to these rapid shifts in language. Instead of saying “let’s go to Calca to have some fun”, people now say “Let’s go have a good time in California.”

In the same way Urubamba is called Uruguay and Paruro is Paris. Izcuchaca, the capital of the Province of Anta is now called Escocia, or Scotland in English.

If you are not aware of these new and fascinating changes you might think people either travel a lot outside the country or that they have gone mad. Instead this is how the people of Cusco innovate. They now modify the names of Cuzco’s Provinces to make them a whole world. I am sure that with the passage of time we will see other new inventions.


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