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The Soul Announces Before a Person Dies (Walter Coraza Morveli)

Many people say that the soul announces itself days and even weeks before a person dies. It comes to say goodbye or to take care of some pending business or relationship so that it can rest in peace.

The stories that people tell are real and explain many things. One time in my neighbor’s house the lady of the house left it to go to the bathroom.

My father saw her and asked when she had come back since he wanted to greet her. I told him she still wasn’t back. That generated a huge question about what had happened. We were concerned and surprised and at that moment we heard a strong blow to her wooden floor but there was no one home.

A week later the sad notice arrived at our home that our neighbor had died in a traffic accident on the road to Echarate from the City of Cusco. What had happened was that her souls had come back to walk through her family home one more time.

My uncle told another story. After dying he appeared before my grandmother so that she would forgive him and let him rest in peace.

As a result we say that you can experience the presence of the souls of people who are dying or have recently died in this way before your very eyes.

When this happens, in many cases, fear and panic invade the living because they cannot know exactly what is happening until the news of death arrives.








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