#ShiggyChallenge Cusco Style

cuscochallenge (diario el sol)

The #ShiggyChallenge is a new trend in social networks. People get out of a car that is still moving and dance to the song “In my feelings” by the rapper Drake. The one who started this trend was the comedian Shiggy, whose video in his Instagram account went viral.

Now everyone makes similar videos. Many of them have been successful in their videos and some have not. Every day you see more people performing the #ShiggyChallenge around the world.

This is how the #ShiggyChallenge arrived in the city of Cusco. A dancer with an Aucca Chileno troupe, on the feast of the Doctor of the Church of St. Jerome, performed the #ShiggyChallenge by making a fusion between the song “In my feelings” and the dance “Aucca Chileno”.

Full of color and excitement, this character made the challenge by getting out of his car and dancing through the streets of the district of San Jerónimo in the city of Cusco in full festivity. He is joined by two other characters who, at the rhythm of Auca Chileno are still dancing.

The Diario Sol del Cusco spread it on Facebook from his page, and this video of the challenge #ShiggyChallenge Cusqueño style is going viral on social networks.

Watch de video here

(Add credits to the daily sun of Cusco)

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