The Sheraton Hotel Won’t Go in Cusco

March agains Sheraton Hotel

A massive protest was carried out yesterday against the irregular construction of the Hotel Sheraton within the monumental core of the City of Cusco.

“Cusco is not for sale. The Sheraton Hotel will not go!” These were some of the protestors cries. This great march began in the Plaza Tupac Amaru and a large quantity of people participated, among the students, professors, other citizens of Cusco, and the city’s mayor, Carlos Moscoso.

The march concentrated in the historic center of the city, in its Plaza de Armas, its main square, It also passed through the city’s streets before reaching Saphi street where the construction of the misconceived hotel is being carried out.

The Departmental Federation of Workers of Cusco convoked the march. At the moment, construction of the Sheraton Hotel has been paralyzed since August 10th.

“We will not permit that our patrimony, our heritage, be denigrated. If the authorities do not guarantee respect for Cusco, its people will. We will go into the streets as much as is necessary.”

March agains Sheraton Hotel
March agains Sheraton Hotel

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