School Begins Anew in Cusco

Happy Students Day (Wayra)

Happy Students Day (Wayra)

Students Return to School (Wayra)

After having spent two beautiful and fun months of vacations, students prepare to return to classes in Cusco. Vacations come to an end this month, February, and a new stage of the school year is about to begin. On the 29th of Monday, which falls on Monday, private schools begin classes. Public schools will begin work on the first Monday in March.

Parents are already thinking about where to buy all the school supplies needed by their children. Various fairs are set up on different streets of the city to focus on supplying school goods. Everything needed for school are on display under the different tents of the fairs. You will find different notebooks in many colors and brands. There are pencils in different point sizes, colors, rulers and many new things for students.

The routine of leisure which children now have become used to is over. They can no longer sleep till whatever hour they want. Nor can they play until late as they did during vacations. In this new stage of the school year, they will have to work hard and get up early in order to arrive punctually at school and set out to learn by assuming their responsibility.

For many children this will be their first school year. All children seven years and older will enter first grade. The first days will be difficult for these little ones. They will be sad to be alone in the face of new teachers and new classmates. They will cry when their parents leave them though later they will get used to it all and will fully enjoy their classes.

The students who will be entering their senior year of high school (quinta de secundaria) are enthusiastic because they will now finish the first major stage of learning. They are also anxious to experience their graduating class trip that till take place during the last month of the year.

As of right now the city busses are full. In mornings and afternoons this is especially the case. They fill with kids going to or leaving school. You see a large number of students all dressed in their uniforms are seen in movement throughout the school year.

Students will have to show commitment, dedication, and responsibility in Cusco’s different schools, in order to meet their goals and pass to the next class one year from now.


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