In Cuzco we have places that are called quintas, which are outdoor gardens with tables and food, as well as often performances. We also have peñas that are more indoor places with food and live music and dance. We also have places that are hybrids, a mixture of these with other forms such as a picantería, a traditional restaurant with chicha and spicy food.

All together, these are the best places for taking your family to enjoy a good meal, both typical Cuzco style dishes as well as Creole food from the menu, along with good music, often danceable, as well as the fine decoration. The quintas and peñas often have a long tradition of being passed from parents to children. They continue generation after generation. The whole family often works there.

The flavor of their foods is impressive. They maintain traditional recipes and family flavors. In addition the space they occupy is often quite large, able to hold more than fifty people. They also decorate their tables and chairs, as well as show off their traditional grinding stones called batanes, which are used fro grinding ajies, hot peppers. They also will have old pictures and so on.

July, when we celebrate our national holiday, what we call the fiestas patrias, is a very good time to visit one of them on a Sunday. In this way you leave the world of the ordinary to enter a space of fascination and enjoy food and music to make you weekend sweet.

These restaurants tend to be located in strategic places. Over time their name has taken position and has become well known and popular. Many of these places are quite important since day after day people go there. They are a Cuzco tradition because of their delicious food and the experience they offer.

We have places such as the Peña Don Luís, the Quinta Eulalia, and increasing the hybrid and new La Cusqueñita. All of these serve main dishes and soups from their menu. They will have cuy chactado, rocoto relleno, milanesa de pocho, chairo, suflé de rocoto, lengua a la tomatada, and so on. These are foods people love in Cusco and are part of our tradition.

With your family and friends you can go and enjoy the national holiday in our quintas and peñas which you will find throughout the city. You can enjoy our typical foods, Creole music, and above all being with your


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