Peru Blocks Importation of Genetically Modified Seeds

Peru's Native Corn Protected from Genetically Modified Seed

To allow genetically modified seeds in your food supply or not, that is the question for many countries on earth. Recently Peru’s government passed law No. 29811 which speaks loudly to the question.

The new law imposes a ten year moratorium on the importation of genetically modified seed in favor of preserving the genetic diversity of Peru’s indigenous seed stock as well as its agricultural biodiversity. As a result, Peru’s government recognizes the value of campesino production and indigenous farming using traditional cultivars and techniques. The law imposes severe sanctions on any one who violates its regulations.

You can read the law (in Spanish) here.

This means that Peru will continue to be font of unique food stocks that have been key to the development of Novo Andean cuisine and the promotion of Peruvian gastronomy around the world.

The new law is a strident roadblock for multinationals, such as the Monsanto corporation, and a green light for those seeking to block the development of genetically modified food crops around the world.

Peru's Native Potatoes Protected from Genetically Modified Seed
Peru’s Native Potatoes Protected from Genetically Modified Seed

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