Program of Festivities for the days of Cusco

Fiestas del Cusco 2016 (Walter Coraza Morveli)

Program of Festivities

Fiestas of Cusco, Inti Raymi 2016

Fiestas del Cusco 2016 (Walter Coraza Morveli)
Fiestas del Cusco 2016 (Walter Coraza Morveli)

June 12: Festival of the Inca Bridge of Queshwachaca

Place: Canas Province, District of Quehue

The reconstruction of the Queshwachaca bridge is a ritual carried out by the communities around the bridge: Winchiri, Chaupibamba, Ccollana, Quehue y Percaro. It is unique for being the last hanging bridge still maintained.  It is made from vegetable fibers (Ichu) and with architectural bases of stone. When the bridge is finished a folklore festival opens up with a variety of music and dances from Andean folklore.


June 12: Dramatic representation of the Ayar Brothers and Sisters exit from the cave.

Place: Paururo Province, Districto of Paucartambo, Maukallacta Archeological Center


June 17: Cusco Night

Place : Jardin de la Cerveza Cusqueña (Cuzco’s beer Garden), Free Admission.

The Cusco Night is filled with sound, joy, and fraternity. In an extensive salute to the Imperial City for its anniversary. Organized by the regional government of Cusco through DIRCETUR, the Night will consist in musical presentations by artists from Cusco as from elsewhere in the country. In years past, this activity was carried out in Cusco’s Plaza de Armas, its main square.


June 18: Folklorie Festival of Kanamarka

Place: District of Alto Pichigua, Province de Espinar

Presentation of typical dances from the upper provinces of Cusco and invited regions  in the stage of the archeologicla complex of Kanmarka a group of buildings that is a legacy of the Pre-Inca culture of the K’anas and Inca culture.


June 19: Raqchi Folklore Festival

Place: Esplanade next to the Raqchi Archeological Complex, San Pedro District, Canchis Province.

This is one of the most important representations of the cultural heritage of the province of Canchis and of the region of Cusco. It has been carried out since 1968 on the esplanade by the Raqchi Archeological Complex and is carried out as a prelude to Inti Raymi in Cusco.


June 19 ; Intipaqareq Ceremony

Place: Tres Cruces, Province of Paucartambo.

Natural phenomen of the impressive sunrise in the area known as Tres Cruces located some two hours from the town of Paucartambo on the road that goes the Manu. The spectacle begins at about 4 am approximately and extends for an hour and a half. From the Balcón del Oriente (The Balcony of the East) wise men such as Antonio Raimundi proclaimed “there are not words to describe the sublime scene presented to the traveler to this site.


June 21, Anniversary fo the Province of Paucartambo.

Place : Province of Paucartambo

At a regional level, Paucartambo is known as the capital of folklore. Its ancient bridge, its church, its narrow, cobbled streets, its small plazas and large houses with balconies attract visitors as does its program of festivities and events with ancestral cultural expressions such agricultural fairs, music competitions, typical dances, handicraft expositions, adventure sports and a stellar night with musical groups.


June 24: Inti Raymi—Feast of the Sun

Place : Esplanade of Saqsachuaman – Cusco

The celebration of Inti Raymi or Feast of the Sun is held every June 24th the day in which the sun finds itself at its most distant point from the earth and which also coincides with the winter solstice.  It begins with a ceremony in the temple of Qorikancha, followed by a procession to the Plaza of Armas where it gives a greeting in order to then move to the esplanade of Saqsayhuaman where the central ceremony is carried out.


June 24: Inti Raymi Vilcabambino

Place: Archeological Complex of Espiritu Pampa, District of Vilcabamba—La Convención

An ancestral ceremony organized to evoke the approval of the Apus for carrying out Inti Raymi. It is a reminiscence of the people of Vilcabamba to the star and is carried out in the Archeological complex of Espiritu Pampa, where the tomb of the Wari Lord was found.


June 24: Chaka Chutay

Place: District of Ccatcca, Province of Quispicanchi

Chaka Chutay comes from the Quechua for “pulling the bridge” a ritual game which is carried out on the afternoon of the solstice, the 24th of June. This game, beside filling a fundamental social function of interrelating and reinforcing social relationship between communities, remembers the games and rituals in which the population tested its strength. It also helps to predict luck and destiny, whether about agricultural production or things that have to do with money. The amarus, snakes, will descend from that moment to Ukhu Pacha, the world inside, to generate life in the duality with the Pachamama.




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