Posthumous Homage to the Creator of the Falcón Peruvian Guitars

Abraham Falcón

This last weekend, the creator of the famous and much valued Falcón Peruvian guitars, Abraham Falcón, passed away

An Ayacuchano by birth he had the dream of creating a beautiful and harmonious guitar that was up to the needs of Peruvian musicians that was representative of fine Peruvian work.

His region, Ayacucho, was always home to great musicians and maybe that was his motivation.

Abraham Falcón began his path to becoming a master luthier by being an apprentice carpenter in Ica. He made his first guitar from wood the river brought him and he sold it for 15/S. In time, he went to Lima where he perfected his technique.

Abraham Falcón
Abraham Falcón

In order to demonstrate the quality of his instruments, he sought out the most important Peruvian musicians of the time and gave them guitars. Many artists were amazed and then recommended his guitars to others. By now many Peruvian popular artists have used one of his guitars.

This include several icons of Creole music and not just regional Andean, or Ayacuchano music have relied on Falcón’s guitars and have left a cultural legacy. There is the great Oscar Avilés, Raúl García Zarate, among other stars of Creole and Andean music. Many prominent musicians of today, such as Manuelcha Prado prefer the Falcón Guitars because of their great acoustic quality. The guitars have also attained worldwide fame because they continue to be made by hand.

The Falcón guitars have now passed their seventieth anniversary of being in the Peruvian market. The legacy of Don Abraham will continue, since his children continue to manufacture these fine instruments.

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