Plans to Visit Peru? Follow this Advice for a Safe Journey

If you are thinking of visiting Peru, but you think that it is not yet time due to all the restrictions that the Government places and it is very cumbersome to be able to travel here, we give you all the information you need to be able to travel and do tourism taking care of and following the restrictions imposed by the Government, it is simpler than you think. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the country now that everything is calmer and without many tourists in each place you visit like Machupicchu.

The first thing you have to know is that we still have to follow the restrictions imposed by the president of Peru who announced greater restrictions that have been extended until March 14, 2021. The government of Peru indicates that these measures will be re-evaluated and adjusted public health every 15 days. Under these measures, all regions of Peru are categorized as: High, Very High, or Extreme, with corresponding levels of restrictions.

As of March 1, the opening of archaeological centers with a capacity of 40% has been arranged, including Machupicchu, restaurants, museums, shopping centers, etc. will be open.

International flights for passengers coming from Europe, South Africa and Brazil, or who have made stops in these places in the last 14 days are suspended until March 14.

Machupicchu (By Walter Coraza)

International air travel to 36 authorized destinations in 17 countries remains under current recommendations, this includes the United States, Mexico, etc., flights to and from these countries are allowed.


Maras Moray

Half Day retreats

Machupicchu By Car

1 Day retreats

Inca Jungle Trek

4 Days retreats

If you are within these 17 countries allowed to Peru you need to know the following to be able to visit:

As of January 4, 2021, all travelers arriving in Peru must be quarantined for 14 days upon arrival. This quarantine is mandatory for all foreigners, nationals or residents who enter Peru. If your stay is less than 14 days, you can do a new molecular test (RT-PCR) for COVID-19 on the 6th day in a laboratory approved by the Ministry of Health of Peru (MINSA) and continue with your activities.

Travelers can complete the quarantine in a place of their choice if they indicate the address on their affidavit and it is approved by the Peruvian health authorities upon arrival. If in case your destination is Cusco you can reach your destination without any problem and not in Lima as many indicate this will depend on what your destination is once you arrive into Peru.

• To enter Peru you need to have a real-time molecular COVID-19 negative test (RT-PCR), a negative antigen test or a medical certificate of epidemiological discharge that has no more than 72 hours after its issuance, before boarding the plane. Children under the age of 12 can present a health certificate issued by a doctor in lieu of a negative test. All passengers must also complete an affidavit of health (found here: https: // This document will be given to you once you arrive at the International airport where you can fill it out as well.

• To enter the airport you must wear a mask and a face shield permanently and not present any symptoms related to Covid-19 or physical discomfort. At the airport entrances, your temperature will be taken and your shoes and luggage will be disinfected. Inside the airport, social distancing must be obligatorily maintained.

• We also recommend that you always carry a bottle of alcohol or alcohol gel to disinfect your hands from time to time so that you will avoid contagion in the bustle of arriving at the airport and doing all the documentation to enter the country.

• To leave the country once your visit is over, you need to present a COVID-19 Molecular Test (RT-PCR), this can be done at the same airport in Lima or in a laboratory authorized by MINSA. Thus, we recommend planning your trip for at least more than 6 days so you have time to visit and take the necessary tests to leave the country again, that if taking care of and following the Health restrictions imposed by the government. Perhaps from March 14 the restrictions will change or be modified, so we recommend you always visit pages authorized by the Government for your knowledge.

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