Pilot Plan Continues to Ban Cars on Cuzco’s Main Square

Cuzco's Plaza de Armas is Calmer (Walter Coraza Morveli)

Cuzco’s municipal government will continue with its pilot project to make the Plaza a pedestrian zone. Cars, buses, and trucks have been banned from the city’s main square and this situation will continue through April 29th.

Cuzco’s main square is calmer and feels more impressive. It looks better without the coursing vehicles and their exhaust. Pedestrians love not having to dodge threatening cars as they cross from one part of the Square to another. Both local residents and tourists find it a more tranquil and more attractive environment.

On the other hand, the polemic continues. The people who reside near the Plaza and some of the business owners continue to raise protests. They claim the plan makes access to their businesses and residences more difficult and may cause economic damage. They argue that in order for the Plaza to continue to be open twenty-four hours a day vehicles need to be able to get in.

Nevertheless Cuzco’s Mayor, Carlos Moscoso, insists on keeping the pilot project in place through the end of the month. He argues the Colonial core of the city will be better off as a pedestrian zone.

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